UCSB's new venture competition team Shadowmaps

Science and engineering students suit up for the high tech business world through UCSB's Technology Management Program

For the UC Santa Barbara community of students, faculty, and staff, the tragic events of May 23, 2014 will never be forgotten.

Free Electron Movement

Photonics researchers are harnessing electron excitement for advancements in solar-to-fuel conversion and infrared imaging

Goodbye to Droop: mystery of LED droop resolved

Case closed. Researchers discover the science behind the mystery of efficiency droop.

Social Graphs

UCSB engineering researchers turn to geometry in their quest to map social networking data in real time

Professor Luke Theogarajan

More than meets the eye: Convergence interviews Professor Luke Theogarajan of the UCSB Biomimetic and Nanosystems Group

Delicate Mystery: traumatic brain injury

To detect the subtle but debilitating damage from mild traumatic brain injury, scientists are peering into neuron networks with high-powered imaging

Santa Cruz Island

Photo Spotlight: Breathtaking Santa Cruz Island, part of the UCSB Natural Reserve System, is paradise for researchers and visitors