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Letter From the Deans - Issue 10

Matthew Tirrell, Steven Gaines, Evelyn Hu

Diversity… and More Energy

In this issue, we’re proud to feature two articles focusing on the diversity in engineering and the sciences at UC Santa Barbara. Our Q&A talks with Linda Petzold, professor of Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, about her career as a prominent woman in male-dominated fields, and our article Spread the Word, Stay the Course takes a look at the many outreach programs engineering and the sciences have undertaken to broaden the candidate pool for our next generation of engineers and scientists.

We’re also revisiting energy, the focus of our last issue, as we look at making buildings more efficient in their use of energy. We’ve returned to energy both because it’s a vital subject of continuing interest and because we’ve just launched the UC Santa Barbara Institute for Energy Efficiency. Unlike the many energy institutes and other organizations that focus on the supply side of the problem, looking to replace fossil fuels with alternative sources, our Institute is focused on the demand side. We’ve created an umbrella under which we’re bringing together the many technologies we’re researching and developing to increase the efficiency with which energy is used. We believe we can reduce demand for energy far faster, and to a far greater effect, than alternative sources and forms of energy can be developed.

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