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Letter From the Deans - Issue 12

Matthew Tirrell, Pierre Wiltzius, David Awschalom

Isaac Asimov recently noted, “The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change…”

We have some significant changes to acknowledge with this issue. The pictures above and the signatures below reflect those changes—two of the three of us are new to our positions since the last issue.

With the appointment of Pierre Wiltzius as Dean of the Division of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences in the College of Letters and Science, Steve Gaines is returning to his position as Director of the Marine Science Institute, by way of a one-year sabbatical. Steve served as acting dean of MLPS for 17 months, and was an active participant on our editorial board.

Evelyn Hu, founding scientific director of our California NanoSystems Institute, is departing to accept an endowed chair at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. She is being succeeded at CNSI by physicist David Awschalom, a long-time member of CNSI, who is probably best known for his pioneering work in spintronics and quantum computation.

Our editorial content in this issue, as in most, is very broad-ranging—we go from voting machine security to our bicycle-racing new chair of mechanical engineering and her MEMS research, and from fisheries management through green chemistry and nutraceuticals to the world’s largest particle accelerator. That breadth truly reflects the rich intellectual environment we’re privileged to enjoy here at UC Santa Barbara. That rich environment and a strong spirit of collegiality, in turn, provide the bases for the interdisciplinarity that is pervasive in our research.

Matthew Tirrell, Pierre Wiltzius, David Awschalom