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Letter From the Deans - Issue 8

Matthew Tirrell, Steven Gaines, Evelyn Hu

“High energy.”

We often hear people describe Engineering and the Sciences at UCSB exactly that way.

Typically they’re referring to our highly productive faculty and motivated students. But in addition to that, we’re increasingly seeing ourselves as “high energy” when it comes to global warming and the energy crisis.

We’re in a great position to make a significant impact increasing the world’s energy efficiency; we already have several well-developed programs and centers on campus with suburb talent and excellent track records. We are international leaders in:

  • Solid state lighting
  • Energy-efficient electronics
  • Organic photovoltaic materials
  • Efficient cars
  • Energy enhancement for the developing world

Since the energy crisis is more about demand than supply, an aggressive focus on improving efficiency – at an average of 3 to 4% annually over the century – could mean a world where everyone can live well without risk to the climate.

At UCSB we are creating a wide range of technological solutions that are practical and marketable, and are likely to lead to outstanding teaching and research opportunities and new ventures.

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