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Letter From the Deans - Issue 9

Matthew Tirrell, Steven Gaines, Evelyn Hu

All Energy

For the first time, we are devoting the bulk of an issue of Convergence to a single topic. We’re doing so because we believe energy efficiency is of great interest to you, our readers, and because we want to showcase the work UCSB is doing in the field.

You might not have thought of UCSB as an intellectual and research powerhouse in the field of energy. But in fact, we are engaged in a significant number of projects and initiatives related to this critical topic, involving professors and students in both engineering and the sciences.

It’s largely due to our highly interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial culture here at UCSB that so many innovations and discoveries are being made in a growing range of areas critical to the advancement of society, including energy.

Deans' Signatures