Issue 14, Winter 2010
Extinction and Survival NEMS and All That Jazz... Q&A with Sumita Pennathur Goo and Gas More than Meets the Eye Beyond Fantastic Voyage From Ivory Tower to Marketplace

Featured Articles

Beyond Fantastic Voyage: Drug delivery research at UCSB
Delivering therapeutic and diagnostic agents where they’re needed (and not where they’re not) in the body.
Extinction and Survival
Neither extinction nor survival is simple—both are the result of complex interactions in the ecosystem.
Rethinking Early Mass Extinctions
UCSB scientists challenge past extinction theories.
NEMS and All That Jazz
Sumita Pennathur leads a very full life—besides being an up-and-coming faculty member, she’s a mom, a professional jazz musician, and a marathon runner.
Goo and Gas
Bubbling up from the ocean’s floor, both crude oil and methane are continuously leaking out of the earth.
More than Meets the Eye
Advanced imaging technologies reveal much that you can’t see.
From Ivory Tower to Marketplace
Getting technological discoveries into the real world.
What is this?
Can you guess what this is?