Issue 16, Fall 2011
Quantum Leap Q and A with Craig Hawker Robotic Renaissance Puppet Masters

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Byte elephant on a plate
Building quantum computers to perform at extraordinary speed is still in its early stages, but UC Santa Barbara’s physicists and engineers are leading the way.
Rubics cubes wtih image depicting materials research lab projects
The Materials Research Laboratory is the only West Coast NSF funded Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. Craig Hawker tells us what makes the MRL unique at UC Santa Barbara.
Student with lego robot
During the Renaissance period artists, engineers and scientists were alive with new ideas and creations. So are we...
Fish with a parasite living in its mouth
Who controls who in the world of parasites? Find out how these manipulative organisms are necessary are in our lives.
What is this?
Can you guess what this is?
Nuclear spin memories
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