Issue 17, Fall 2012
Oceans of Change Q and A: The Visionaries Bridging the Digital Divide Dead Clever Second Life Redshift into Focus

Featured Articles

Penguins in Antarctica

From Antarctica to the tropics, scientists investigate whether critical sea species will be able to adapt to increased ocean acidification

Jeff Henley, Chairman of Oracle, talks with Rod Alferness and John Bowers

Jeff Henley, Chairman of Oracle, talks with Rod Alferness and John Bowers about the future of science and technology research

African women carrying baskets and children

New wireless network technology aims to bring the communities of rural Africa up to internet speed

Salmonella enterica

How do we outsmart hypervirulent Salmonella strains that have an evolutionary edge over our immune systems?

Tomatoes in plastic packaging

Researchers turn bioplastic food packaging into specialty chemicals worth more after recycling

Star streaks timelapse of night sky

Astrophysicists are designing a detector that could accelerate our understanding of Dark Energy and reveal new stellar energies

Ram Seshadri and Stephanie Moffitt

Undergraduates in Research: Stephanie Moffitt (Chemistry, ’12) launched a career in materials research through undergraduate internships at UCSB and a research summer abroad in Ireland

Christopher Badger

Undergraduates in Research: Through a research internship, undergraduate Christopher Badger (Computer Science, ‘12) boosted the security of peer-to-peer networks

Man in a suit and tie holding a clicker, giving a lecture

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