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Byte elephant on a plate
Building quantum computers to perform at extraordinary speed is still in its early stages, but UC Santa Barbara’s physicists and engineers are leading the way.
Christopher Badger

Undergraduates in Research: Through a research internship, undergraduate Christopher Badger (Computer Science, ‘12) boosted the security of peer-to-peer networks

African women carrying baskets and children

New wireless network technology aims to bring the communities of rural Africa up to internet speed

Ahead  in the  Cloud
Research at UCSB has been crucial to the development of the cloud
Where the Wild Things Are...
What may be lurking in your back yard and how did it get there?
Building Better Buildings
We get our heads out of the clouds and make buildings that are in them more efficient
Spatial Thinking
What do DNA, Black Studies, and "anywhere augmentation" have in common
Question & Answer: Linda Petzold
Is there a glass ceiling at UCSB?
Control Freaks
Engineers take embedded computing to new levels of precision in their quest for greater efficiency.