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Rubics cubes wtih image depicting materials research lab projects
The Materials Research Laboratory is the only West Coast NSF funded Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. Craig Hawker tells us what makes the MRL unique at UC Santa Barbara.
Light Fantastic
Researchers are looking to photonic technology to accelerate the Internet and revolutionize computing and communications
Question and Answer: Pierre Wiltzius
UCSB's Dean of Science talks with us about what brought him (back) to Santa Barbara and what he sees in the future for the sciences here.
Jumbo Flying Squid
The bit that bites is the most interesting part
Spreading the Word, Staying the Course
Broadening the pool of future scientists and engineers
More from Less
A look at our energy future.
Which Way to the Hydrogen Highway?
It may be the fuel of the future, but it's a challenge to store and costly to generate.
Silicon and Beyond
Has the semiconductor revolution run its course? Not quite.